About Us

The mission of the pioneer is to always adhere to making good products that are "touching and affordable", so that everyone around the world can enjoy the beautiful life brought by health.

Enable everyone around the world to enjoy the beautiful life brought by health

Self drive

Having the ability, dreams, sense of responsibility, and high demands on oneself, organically integrating the realization of self-worth and the achievement of organizational goals.Break through your comfort zone and keep challenges with you.

tough and tensile

Looking back on success, one must go through ups and downs along the way, each time being a self discipline. Be steadfast in setbacks, constantly summarize and reflect on oneself.Tell yourself to persevere a little longer, and what will come is breakthroughs and transformations.


Pioneers embrace diversity in order to enter the world. Respect each other, understand each other, and seek common ground while showcasing oneself.The spirit of inclusiveness brings us closer to each other and works together for a common vision.


We look forward to every employee actively exploring new business tracks and cutting-edge technologies, daring to innovate, and creating impressive and affordable products.Because of your brilliance, the future will be even more exciting!


Full of sincerity, spreading love, and creating a warm team atmosphere.This is the purity that belongs to the pioneers, and it is also the purity that belongs to all pioneers. While practicing our core values, we will always remember our mission.


Love can be heard!

Fetal cardiometer

Caring for angels, listening to the heart!


Listen and sing freely!

Our team

Here, everyone is willing to actively innovate and strive to do beautiful things. The vision of "making friends with users and being the coolest company in their hearts" makes us fearless and unwavering. We constantly pursue the ultimate products and efficiency, achieving the pioneer of constantly creating growth miracles